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Professionally, Rubika is an educator, yoga teacher, and career coach, but personally her own learning has just begun. Driven by her desire to make an impact, she wants to spread the message of unconditional love, ethical travel, and mindful breath. Her idea of selfcare involves long walks, sci-fi/comic books, lots of movies, international music, culinary shows, a good cup of coffee, and everything else in between. “I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying” - Andy Dufresne

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Work-From-Home for the Extrovert

NEW NEW CONTRIBUTOR ALERT. Allow me to introduce Rubika. In all this coronavirus madness, so many companies have switched over to remote workers and Work-From-Home situations. For some, like myself, quarantine and work-from-home has been my normal. For our extroverted friends, self-isolation, social-distancing and an introverted lifestyle can be tough. This is what it's been like for an extrovert like Rubika.

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