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Work-From-Home for the Extrovert

NEW NEW CONTRIBUTOR ALERT. Allow me to introduce Rubika. In all this coronavirus madness, so many companies have switched over to remote workers and Work-From-Home situations. For some, like myself, quarantine and work-from-home has been my normal. For our extroverted friends, self-isolation, social-distancing and an introverted lifestyle can be tough. This is what it's been like for an extrovert like Rubika.

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Thank You

If you're reading this, it's too late: In the midst of a global pandemic, I've just been laid off. I've been laid off from work that I really love doing with people that I love doing it with, from a place that has been an incredibly wild place to work. I wasn't able to say goodbye to many people so I thought I'd express my feelings here.

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What is this "Work-Life Balance" You Speak of?

Me: "Work-Life Balance" is a term used to describe the practice of balancing work and personal life in order to maintain mental health. Also Me: Work-Life = The Limit Does Not Exist.

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