just sometimes... not all the time.


In 2018 I got into selfcare.
I was never a heavy indulger, but I got into it because I really needed it. I wanted to start this blog for a few reasons, but there's only really 1 important one: For me to write bullshit for fun.

After some further research, I realized who this blog could be for: people who want to practice selfcare, but sometimes life doesn't allow it. This is for people who are maybe too poor to go to the spa, too tired to cook a good meal, too lazy to walk to the fridge and drink some water and ultimately, too busy to take care of themselves most of the time.

This is for me and everyone else who isn't always happy. Sometimes (or most times) dealing with anxiety and depression, or having a bad day, or feeling like "fuck my life."

You'll get stories, reviews, and pure scrolling entertainment on anything and everything that could make you feel good. We talk shit, definitely laugh, and share the ways we selfcare.

If you're down, join the #selfcaresometimessupportgroup (#SSSG) so we can cry together.