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Happy 420 - How's Your Mental Health?

It's no secret I medicate with marijuana.. or umm... cannabis, weed, dope or, my personal favourite: the devil's lettuce - whatever you want to call it. This pandemic is proving to be extremely challenging on my mind, and it's caused me to really understand and appreciate my relationship with weed.


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My Quarantine Skincare Routine

I get a lot of questions about skincare, not because I have nice skin, but because I really like reading about skincare lol. SO, without further ado, here is the first (of many) skincare topics. I'm going to be talking about how my skin is doing being locked up (they won't let me out), and staying safe at home.


The Sleep Routine You Never Knew You Needed

Another. New. Contributor!!! Please welcome Leanne, she's about to talk to you about "the night before" (not the morning after), and give her tips on a good sleep routine. If you're having trouble getting to sleep or you're a seasoned insomniac (like me), this one's for you.


Work-From-Home for the Extrovert

NEW NEW CONTRIBUTOR ALERT. Allow me to introduce Rubika. In all this coronavirus madness, so many companies have switched over to remote workers and Work-From-Home situations. For some, like myself, quarantine and work-from-home has been my normal. For our extroverted friends, self-isolation, social-distancing and an introverted lifestyle can be tough. This is what it's been like for an extrovert like Rubika.